Semenax: Engage Your Pair by 20 Percent More!

Improved sex with Semenax

For thousands of years, men have been looking for ways to improve their sexual performance and maximize the pleasure of orgasm. 

Ejaculation is an essential part of this. The more you can ejaculate, the more intense the pleasure for both you and your partner, and the longer your romp in bed will last. Ejaculation is also especially important for couples looking to have a baby. 

However, sometimes problems arise that make ejaculation difficult, from climaxing too quickly to having less libido because of aging. There are plenty of supplements and other products out there that are meant to solve this, but it can be tricky to determine what’s truly effective and what’s just hyped up. 

After looking through countless options and doing heavy research, our team has arrived at Semenax as one of the best supplements in the market. Aside from ramping up your orgasm as you expel more cum into your partner, it’s also great for your general sexual health. 

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Read on for a detailed review: 

What is Semenax?

Semenax is basically a volume pill, which increases your semen volume so you can ejaculate more. This means harder, longer orgasms, and we won’t be surprised if you’re left gasping and seeing stars because of how good it feels. 

Semenax for stronger ejaculation

These are the advantages:

  • More semen than ever when you ejaculate
  • Heightened pleasure with orgasms
  • Faster, more intense contractions of your pelvic muscles 
  • Increased control over your orgasm so you can last longer in bed
  • Higher satisfaction for your partner
  • An improved sex life

It’s also formulated with natural ingredients mixed at precise dosages to boost your sexual pleasure. 

Even with the huge number of volume pills currently available, Semenax is a standout. It has an excellent reputation, as you’ll notice from numerous happy testimonials and the high regard for it among sexual health enthusiasts and experts. Beyond that, it’s one of the few volume pills with positive results from a clinical study

More than a decade after its original launch, it still attracts customers from all over the world, which is a feat in such a competitive industry.

Who should use Semenax?

orgasm better with Semenax

Men who want to orgasm better can use Semenax, regardless of their age. As with all supplements, it’s best to consult with your doctor first to avoid allergies or cross-effects with medications. 

These are the most common scenarios for using Semenax:

  • You’re having trouble ejaculating
  • You want to improve your sex life and increase the pleasure for you and your partner
  • You and your partner are hoping to have a baby      

The Company Behind Semenax

Semenax is made by Leading Edge Health, a US-based company that sells health and lifestyle supplements for both men and women. It was founded in Canada in 1997, and its extensive product catalog includes Semenax and VigRX Plus. 

Given that it has so many years of expertise in male sexual health, Leading Edge Health’s supplements all consist of natural ingredients, with a customer satisfaction rate of more than 95%. Manufacturing is kept to high standards since its supplements are made in registered facilities and tested rigorously by doctors and physiologists. 

All in all, it’s a very reputable company, and Semenax is a product that has stood the test of time.

How Semenax Works

male reproductive system


Semenax’s main effect is increasing your semen volume, leading to more ejaculation. Its ingredients work together to improve blood flow to your reproductive parts. 

Your testes are responsible for making testosterone as well as sperm, and with improved blood flow, these can receive more nutrients and hormones. The result is more sperm.

However, sperm has to be mixed with fluid first to become semen, and Semenax helps you make more of that fluid too! In particular, here’s what Semenax increases: 

  • The seminal vesicle fluids, which make up 70% of your semen
  •  The prostate gland fluid, which makes up 25% of your semen
  • The seminal plasma, which carries and protects the sperm
  • The bulbourethral gland fluid, which contributes the thick, sticky consistency of semen

Semenax affects several components of your semen, which is why semen volume becomes significantly higher. But the effects don’t stop there. With greater semen volume, you get more toe-curling orgasms, and you can last longer without ejaculating.

Because the Semenax ingredients benefit sexual health in general, you’ll also enjoy a better erection and higher testosterone levels. 


As with all supplements, Semenax’s potency lies in its formula. 

For one, it’s packed with carefully chosen amino acids and herbal concentrates. The formula is derived from both modern science and ancient wisdom, with Semenax ingredients either drawn from scientific research or based on long use by traditional cultures. 

For example, Tribulus terrestris and Epimedium sagittatum (or horny goat weed) are herbs that have been taken for centuries as aphrodisiacs and sexual enhancers, and science is starting to confirm their efficacy. On the other hand, Semenax also incorporates amino acids like L-Lysine and L-Carnitine, whose benefits were first discovered in the lab.

Here are some of the active Semenax ingredients:  

  • Swedish Flower Pollen – keeps the prostate healthy so it can produce high-quality semen 
  • Butea Superba – aphrodisiac traditionally used in Thailand for boosting libido and sexual performance 
  • Maca – increases libido and fertility in men while being high in carbohydrates and nutrients
  • Epimedium Sagittatum – also known as horny goat weed because it improves libido as well as sperm production and testosterone levels
  • L-Arginine HCL – helps with building protein in the body and producing healthy sperm    
  • L-Lysine – essential amino acid that reduces stress and reacts with zinc to increase sperm count
  • L-Carnitine – a body-building favorite that enhances physical performance while improving sperm count and motility  

 Other Semenax ingredients include Tribulus terrestris, zinc aspartate, pumpkin seed, hawthorn berry, sarsaparilla, Avena sativa extract, Muira puama, pine bark extract, and Vitamin E. 

Semenax ingredient

Many of these ingredients are also good for your overall health, with effects such as better circulation, reduced inflammation, and anti-aging. The healthier you are, the greater your capacity to have a good orgasm. 


Semenax has earned a lot of glowing testimonials

Customers have said that their sex lives became more pleasurable. Their partners have also noticed the change, and they became happier and more satisfied. 

Some customers had their semen doubled or tripled! One person even said the orgasm after Semenax was the greatest feeling they’ve ever experienced. 

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But Semenax has more going for it than social proof and individual anecdotes. It’s one of the rare volume pills backed by a clinical study. In a double-blind, placebo-controlled study, 63 men between 30 and 60 were divided into two groups. One group took 4 Semenax pills twice a day for two months, while the other group only took a placebo. 

The results were striking. A high number of men who took Semenax had more intense orgasms, and many produced at least 20% more semen than before.  

Taking Semenax


Semenax bottle

One bottle of Semenax has 120 gel capsules.

You can take one to four pills every day, ideally with food. With four pills, a possible routine is taking two in the morning then two again in the evening. Taking four Semenax pills will show the most intense results.

Because it takes time for your body to process a supplement, it might take around 2-3 weeks before the effects kick in. Usually, the first sign is your sex drive increasing, followed by more intense orgasms. These effects might reach their maximum impact only after at least a few months. 

However, it still varies per individual. Some people might start feeling the difference in as soon as two days! 

Side Effects

The ingredients in Semenax are safe for most people, and side effects are rare

Still, because every person’s body is unique, we recommend talking to your doctor first, especially if you have other health concerns or you’re taking medications. Make sure too that you don’t have allergies to any of the Semenax ingredients. 

consult with doctor first

Semenax isn’t meant for women, but it’s worth noting that ingredients like Butea superba and Muira puama aren’t good for women who are pregnant or breastfeeding! 

Ordering Semenax 


When buying Semenax, you can choose from four packages:


Number of Capsules Retail Price Website Price
1 month supply 120 $79.95


3 months supply 360 $239.85


6 months supply 720 $479.70


12 months supply 1440 $959.40


Semenax caters to customers all over the world, so you can avail of free global shipping if you get any of the 3- to 12-month packages (or 3 to 12 bottles). The more you order all at once, the more you save. 

You can also catch a promo code occasionally on the website.  

How to Order

Because there are a lot of knock-offs out there, the most secure way to get Semenax is to order it directly through the official website. Ordering is pretty fast because your bottles will be shipped out one day right after processing. 

On top of that, it’s so discreet that it’s sent in plain packaging and you won’t even see the details mentioned in your bank statement. No worries then about receiving it in your office or having your partner accidentally discover it!

Ordering is low-risk since you can send back the empty bottle within 67 days for a full refund, not counting shipping packages. If you ordered multiple bottles, you just have to send back the first two empty bottles along with the others that haven’t been opened yet.  


better sexual health with Semenax

Semenax has been in the market for more than a decade, and it’s already among the most well-known sexual health supplements for men

Its core function is increasing the amount of semen that you ejaculate. You’ll unload more while climaxing, and that can make a huge difference in pleasure for you and your partner. Aside from filling her up with more cum, you’ll experience stronger orgasms, you can keep going for longer in bed, and your erection will be harder. 


Even though the effects are so potent, Semenax’s ingredients are all natural. It’s approved by the FDA, so you’re sure that it’s well-tested and manufactured with a high degree of skill and expertise. 

Unlike many sexual health supplements, Semenax is supported not just by glowing testimonials and reviews but also by a clinical study. It’s highly regarded in the sexual health community, even by those who have already tried several other supplements. 

Overall, sex does matter when it comes to your quality of life and relationship, and Semenax has a good chance of taking you to a whole new level there. 

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